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#550  Antique Pantry Box Warm Patina and Old Bottle Neat

This 19th century Pantry Box considered utilitarian treenware was a very important staple to the early settlers. Critters in the pantry were a troublesome matter for colonial women. Dry goods like flour, sugar, grain and the like had to be stored in covered food storage boxes to help protect them. These boxes were imported from Europe until American factories began producing them during the late 18th century.

Pantry boxes were fashioned in graduated sizes. The largest held cheese or butter, the smallest contained pills or spices and the in ~ between sizes accommodated everything else. Each had a snug fitting lid and these boxes were either painted or varnished and usually stacked to add color to an otherwise dreary homestead.

This pantry box is of the larger variety boasting 9 1/2" across the lid and has the most desirable brown, warm patina you would ever be blessed to come across. Bentwood construction rules the day while tiny nails done in a vertical pattern keep the lapped over band secured. There is a small piece of wood missing from the top as referenced in image 7 but happened long ago as the color is consistent with the rest of the box. Image 3 shows a small sliver of wood that is missing on the lids outermost edge to the left of the vertical nails. Another tiny sliver can also be found on the outermost inside edge that measures 3" long. Again, the dark color essentially hides these forgiving occurrences as pantry boxes were used on a daily basis.

This box is in overall very good condition for its age and all nails are accounted for. There are no cracks or chips to report. The inside lends a midnight chocolate hue and may be relevant as to what was stored inside as shown in image 8. The bottom is exactly correct as the color is lighter and the evident wear suggests this piece was pushed across a table or a shelf frequently. There are no odors to convey.

You will also receive an old bottle with an unusual gourd seed label I recreated backed in old homespun that can easily be placed on top of the lid. I filled this bottle with an interesting mix of spring time herbs and fashioned the stopper from a tree branch that was whittled down to fit the opening.

This pantry box boasting the best patina will grace any buttery, table or cupboard with instant success and has plenty of history to share with you and your homestead! Enjoy! The pantry box stands 4 1/4" tall, measures 9 1/2" across the lid and 9 1/4" across the bottom. Old Bottle stands 5 1/2" tall and measures 1 3/4" across the middle.~Freight (Standard Mail) included, however Insurance is optional and can be purchased for an additional $3.50 @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.


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