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#547  Old Primitive Bowl Marked Munising with Well Defined Rim Lip

The Munising Woodenware Co. was moved to Munising, Michigan in 1911 after their previous facility in Kalkaska, Michigan was destroyed by fire in 1910. This company was the successor to the Freeman Manufacturing Company established in Kalkaska in 1877. Munising remained in business until they ceased operations in l955. They produced many types of kitchen wooden ware including bowls, rolling pins, paddles, mashers and more---even tent stakes! The earlier pieces were marked with an upright script as this one is. A left-leaning script was introduced in the late 1930's or early 40's. Therefore, we can date this piece between 1911 and 1940.

The bowl is nicely out of round at 10 3/8" x 11/4" and is about 3" high with a turned rim and soft warm color and smooth surface. There is a burn mark on the top edge about 3/4" long and a tight, stable crack about 1 1/2" long which can be seen in our last photo. There is also another smaller tight crack on the opposite side of the rim which is probably not visible in any of the pictures. These are normal signs of age and usage, and the bowl is still strong and sturdy and would make a great addition to any collection.

Please note: stone fruit is not included in this offering. ~Freight (Standard Mail) included. However, insurance is optional and can be purchased for an additional $2.75 @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.


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