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#540  Antique Rope Bed Key Wrench 19th Century

Used to tighten the ropes on early beds, these wooden bed keys or wrenches gave rise to the expression "sleep tight" to indicate the mattress was well-supported by the tightened ropes underneath. Of course, we still use this expression today to mean "have a good night's sleep" and perhaps wishing the sleeper to be well tucked-in and warm and cozy! It stands about 15" tall and 16" wide arm -to- arm. The base is about 2 3/4" thick. Possessing a warm, dark walnut patina, this 19th century piece is in very good condition, with some expected age-related wear on one side (see image 2). How wonderful would this be to complete the look of an early country bedroom. This has been in our collection for many years and is the only one we have ever found. ~Freight (standard mail) included. However, insurance is optional and can be purchased for an additional $2.75 @ checkout ~ within the continental U.S.


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