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Primitive Rabbit Tin Farm Pail Spring Gathering

Please scroll down to view some breathtaking images of winter scenes that you can view inside your cozy warm home. Inspiring decorating ideas are also part of this pictorial vignette I hope you enjoy.

By popular demand I am leaving up the "How to Cook a Husband" Recipe ~ Story that is still available for download and promises to make you laugh all day long! Who knows, out of necessity you may just have to on a cold winters day! LOL!

Make sure you visit our "Country Attic Finds Under $50.00" section as a warm fire awaits you to keep the winter chill at bay!

Enter through the door below where a cozy fire will warm you heart and soul! You are invited to take several home tours with us this evening that will start shortly! Don't be late!

Amazing collections of both pewter and wooden chargers that do a great job of honoring this mantle while the iron spatulas dress this hearth with primitive charm. Wonderful antique candle mold can be seen off to the right as a pair of green apples are roasting in the fire! Yum!

Country English style kitchen boasts a gorgeous open hearth fireplace accented with a home made Gingerbread Garland that certainly delights all! Notice the cute ruffled cap hanging on the end of the Windsor chair off to the right!

Cozy and warm country kitchen with a fire all aglow in the open hearth fireplace. Very impressive collection of yelloware carefully stored in a stepback really adds character to this inviting place!

You are going to need these warm woolen mittens as we head outside to tour some amazing winter scenery in a horse drawn carriage. Don't worry I won't forget the foot warmer!

Oh, certainly you can choose another color that is more to your liking! Thank goodness I am not offering these to a centipede!

Stunning red saltbox image captured in freshly fallen snow that creates a magical winter wonderland out in the country. What a spectacular contrast of color! One of my favorites!

The sheep are heading home after a short journey where a warm barn awaits their arrival.

The Schultz House located in Pennsylvania equipped with a fabulous summer kitchen and other dependencies looks beautiful in the snow under a full moon!

Oh, I just adore this stone cottage in Pennsylvania that is available for rent throughout the year. Talk about a winter wonderland, this cozy home though small has it all!

Enchanting photograph of a deer in the snow with winterberries overhead. She is cautious but was able to stand still for this shot! Good girl!

Gorgeous red barn that probably housed many farm animals back in the day! Notice the little added loft at the top? Great architectural feature that served a purpose!

Uh better go find the rest of the sheep but the good news is you are staying warm with your little red coats! Baaaa!

Unique Oil Painting that lends whispers of the focal points used by the artist as everything seems to be in a haze. There is a light shinning through the window and a hint of a waterfall can be seen in the front. Very interesting form, style and composition used to captivate winter at dusk.

Just imagine this was one of the forms of lighting used centuries ago. We all certainly find this romantic as it casts soft shadows of light that reflect the hand punched tin design by the maker. Even though this does not emanate heat to warm our bones on a cold winters eve, it sure can do wonders for our spirit!

The back woods are dark and cold this winter's eve but the good news is spring is on it's way and will be here before you know it! :)

As you awake one early morning and look out your window, you are so excited to see that the snow has melted and the weather is finally warmer. What a beautiful view you have from your window that shows the promise of spring has indeed arrived!

Even the cows are enjoying this lovely warm day and have come to greet you from the barn! So much to look forward to and the little farmhouse did it's job of keeping the family safe and warm though the long cold winter.

I found this darling story that is guaranteed to fill you with laughter, honest, entitled, "How to Cook A Husband" from the Yankee Kitchen Cookbook circa early 1800's, that I thought would be appropriate for Christmas! Please click on link below to view entire story and this is also available for download because you absolutely want to share it with friends and family. Who knows?....... It may even find it's way on your holiday table, right where your husband sits! LOL! Enjoy!

I sure hope your day is going better than this poor Hen's! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Many fresh offerings of antiques blended with whimsical ideas will be added daily. I hope you are able to visit often. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! I am always here to help! :)

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What is up on the site is just a small portion of what I have available. Many ~New Offerings~ to look forward to including fresh Artistic Creations.

In dedication and tribute with all my love to Simca and Friends!

Amy, my graphic artist deserves recognition for all of the wonderful hard work, dedication and talent she added to this site. Without her help, this journey would never have been possible. I have been truly blessed to have found her! Thank you Amy for making my dream a reality!

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